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Why Mindful Life Coaching?
Anxiety Support

I specialise in helping people with anxiety. I have helped many people overcome or greatly reduce their anxiety. Mindfulness and CBT are two methods that are scientifically proven to help some people with anxiety. Other important skills are person-centred counselling skills, which help in the process of self-mastery and self-understanding. You might have tried CBT in a doctors surgery before, however in the UK there is often not enough funding to give people the full treatment they sometimes need, so you might have only had between 6 and 10 sessions which isn’t always enough. I would recommend you see your doctor first as sometimes anxiety has a biological cause or can be sorted out with the short course of CBT they offer, however if your anxiety is still problematic after seeing a doctor then I am here for you.

I will give you as much anxiety support as you need, no more and no less. I will teach you how to begin to master your anxiety.

So what is anxiety? Anxiety is a normal part of life. When people talk of anxiety in a medical or personal setting they often mean severe or long-lasting anxiety. It is normal to feel anxious if we are parachuting for the first time or if a family member is ill. Anxiety is only a problem if it holds you back or causes a problem in some areas of your life. There are two main types of problematic anxiety. General anxiety is where you are generally anxious. It’s not about anything specific. Specific anxiety is where you are anxious about a particular thing, for example you might have a fear of dogs which is so severe you can’t go out the house, or you might have a fear of certain social situations. I can help with both these types of anxiety.

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I am currently based in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire.

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