How to Stop Losing Things

I used to lose my keys and glasses all the time, and once even lost my wallet, which on that particular day had about £80 inside of it. That was a painful lesson, indeed.

The three strategies I used to stop losing items, were as follows:

  1. Everything has its rightful place – e.g. have a key rack for keys, and always put your glasses in the same place when you’re not wearing them.
  2. Habit / Routine – get into the habit of always putting your keys on the key rack as you come in the house, or to always put your glasses in the right place when taking them off
  3. Mindfulness / awareness – when you come in the house, if you don’t have a rightful place for everything, and no habit associated with that, you will probably randomly toss your keys or glasses anywhere. But not only that, if you’re not aware of yourself in that moment, you won’t memorise where you’ve put them. Instead, try to be more aware throughout the day (not easy, but a practise that will not only help you to stop losing items, but will help in many areas of your life)
  4. Pragmatic solutions (Technological or practical) – the day I lose my wallet, I made sure that I always had a piece of string attaching my wallet to one of the belt loops in my jeans. For a tech solution, you can use Apple’s AirTags or Tile’s finder fobs. These allow you to find your items (such as keys) by adding a kind of key fob finder (tag) onto your keys, which you can get to ring via an app on your phone. You can also find your phone using the these tags.

A mixture of these methods can help you find / not lose your items.