Qualifications, Skills and Experience

Here’s a short resumé / CV:

  • Counselling, including (person-centred counselling and CBT) – levels 2 and 3
  • Mindfulness one year course
  • Life coaching course
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Motivational Interviewing (a type of counselling useful for health conditions)
  • Buddhist Psychology
  • Degree in Computer Science which enables me to be highly analytical, and expert in diagnostics
  • I have helped many people over many years with their mental health. I have helped people who have been failed by:
    • Counsellors
    • Professional psychologists (at the NHS)
    • GPs / doctors
    • Medication
  • Note that I’m not suggesting that these professionals are not useful, it’s just that some people’s problems are far more complex, and won’t respond well to a single method of helping. In these cases a multi-faceted approach is required that takes in to consideration all areas of a person’s life
  • I have helped people with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), anxiety, depression and people with suicidal thoughts
  • Set up a gardening group for people with mental health issues
  • Set up a mental health organisation for men (http://menheal.org.uk). I currently run a support group for men
  • I have studied and researched psychology, counselling and wellbeing for 20 years (as of 2014). I have been told by other mental health workers that I am more knowledgeable than them (this included a psychiatrist I knew, and at least two counsellors). I was told that I was more knowledgeable about coping strategies, self-awareness, mindfulness and CBT
  • I have read psychology, counselling and self-help books for twenty years. However I haven’t just read them. Whenever I see some theory I will always test to see if it actually works. If some theory doesn’t work I discard it. In doing this I now have a huge repertoire of techniques and methods that actually work. These methods exceed the knowledge of most professional counsellors or psychologists. The reason for this is because I am extremely passionate about studying the mind and also wellbeing and mental health, so it isn’t just a job to me but a way of living and breathing
  • As well as helping numerous people in person, I have also helped a lot of peopleonline using various therapeutic methods
  • Worked for the British Red Cross

Example Success Stories

  • Helped a homeless person who at first was feeling highly suicidal. With lots of work they are now living a very happy life and no longer homeless
  • Helped a soldier who had high levels of anxiety
  • Helped someone who had a complete lack of confidence, within a matter of months they are now very confident, and people they know comment on thispositive change
  • Helped a lady who struggled with emotions and depression by teaching hermeditation and mindfulness. She stopped me once in the street and said “You have completely transformed my life”

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